Mình nói viết lách rất quan trọng, nên tập viết ngay từ lúc còn nhỏ thì sau này lớn lên quen, không ngại. Con hỏi : viết gì? Mình bảo : viết gì cũng được, miễn là có viết.

This to mum in VN & to Sơn Thái – Hoài Anh in Canada


I can also say that I am an independent person. When I was 11, I lived with my brother and him only. I obviously didn’t learn how to pay the bills or things that had to do with money but I can cook a simple meal and I can do most of the housework. The year after that, I lived without my parents but in the hand of the Vietnamese Embassy’s employees. I lived with another boy 3 years older than I was in an apartment the embassy had provided. I once again did not have to worry about all the paperwork but I still had to all the housework and the daily living requirements.

Once again, I am going to be moving. This time, the destination is the US. When I first heard of the news, I thought it was just too good to be true. But it’s true and my future is going to be studying abroad in the US. I plan to go to one of the top universities. However, achieving this goal is going to be very hard. I must first get into the best high schools since they provide a better chance of going to the top universities. But how ever difficult this may be, I will achieve this goal because I have set my mind to it.
I am interested in studying about human behavior. I might become a psychiatrist. I was only recently interested in this subject. I have been doing research about it. The reason I’m fond of human behavior is due to the fact that I can determine how people feel just by the tone of their voices or by their choice of words. Maybe this is just something that I can use in daily life instead of it becoming a profession.
I also like technology, especially computer programming. I haven’t really had much experience with this subject yet but I am very interested. When I go to the US, I plan on studying computer coding.
I am hoping to find much more possibilities and futures when I’m in the US. I want to find great career paths.
To sum it all up, I am very determined to get into the best schools in the US. I am willing to work very hard for it. I have been to many places around the world so it has broadened my mind and allowed me to experience all kinds of things. I am fascinated about the human behavior yet also about computer programming. Last but not least, I very much hope to have great future in the US.
• Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons
did you learn?

Back when I was 11, my mom, my older brother and I were out shopping. It seemed like any other day, nothing uncommon, nothing special except for the fact that my brother was being a huge pain. Earlier that day, he had posted a picture of me from when I was 6 onto Facebook as a joke (I looked like a total dork in that picture). I was actually furious at him, me, being someone who can take very offensive jokes (specifically stereotypical ones, being Asian and all).
During the course of the shopping spree, my brother was being a jerk and he kept on mocking me about the picture he posted. I was angry, thinking about all of my friends making fun of me. I may say that I don’t care what people think about me but I also understand that society also makes up a part of me. I being “brotherly” told on him. But that made me feel worse since my mom didn’t really think it was that serious. That just really pushed my buttons, since it’s really always what a kid wants, to have his or her parents side with him or her.
I couldn’t take it anymore, so I therefore ran away from my mom and my brother. I wasn’t actually going to run away, I just intended to hide from them until they realize that I was missing and felt guilty about it. But they didn’t. That was it, I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I didn’t something stupid, something I now consider a great failure but at the time I thought it was something bold and brave to do… I took a bus home.
Whilst on the bus going home, I didn’t even think about how my brother or how my mom felt. For some reason, I felt like I had a sense of decisiveness and maturity. It was like I was on an adventure all by myself. I experienced some kind of greatness in leaving my brother and mom behind to feel guilty, something like an “In your face bro” is probably a good way to describe it.
I got home and just played on the computer casually like nothing had happened. My mom called my dad to ask if I was home and he said yes. I didn’t hear her tone of speech but I was sure that she made a sigh of relief.
When my brother and mother arrived at home, that was when I realized how much of a failure my act of “boldness and bravery” was. My mom was furious at me because she thought I was lost. She scolded me saying that she was worried sick. I don’t know it’s some kind of ability that mothers have but, she turned my guilt trick into hers. I meant to make her guilty yet, she turned it around making me guilty instead. My brother… well he didn’t say much but he didn’t look happy either.
I learned that for me, in my opinion, a true failure is when you let the people that you know especially your family down

Written by: Thong Tran



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