Had Fun in Hai Phong

Guess what? My brother got a girlfriend! What?? How did he manage to do that you ask? I really don’t know, it’s probably some kind of sorcery or illusion, that’s for sure. But seriously, whatever he did and however he did it, good for him!

My brother and his girlfriend (her name is Hoai Anh) just got back to Vietnam a while ago (just visiting, passing by). So, we decided to go to where his Hoai resides, which is Hai Phong. It’s a 3 hour drive away from Hanoi if you’re wondering.

We arrived in Hai Phong in the afternoon. We were greeted there by Hoai’s (possibly my soon to be sister-in-law, if you know what I’m saying) parents. We didn’t do much the first night, just relaxed and stayed home. It was mostly because everyone was tired after the long drive. We ate at home, where my brother got to taste Hoai’s mother’s splendid soup.

But unfortunately for me, I think I ate too much that night rendering me sick and nauseous the following morning. It was a really uncomfortable feeling. I couldn’t take it any longer so, I did the simple thing; I vomited. It started out as quite a bad. Hoai’s mom brought us to a spa. That was the first time I’ve ever got my hair washed without having to do it myself. Oh man, must’ve been one of the best feelings in the world! It gave me an epiphany; I should work hard so I can enjoy these little things in life.

In the afternoon, it was Hoai’s turn to be sick. Hoai, Hoai’s mom, my brother and I went to eat some seafood and Hoai threw up. Then we just went home and rest.

At night, we ate doggies! Well, by “we”, I mean mostly everyone else except for me. I only tasted a few morsels of meat. I was still nauseated since the morning despite having already vomited and I don’t really like dog meat anyways.

The next day we went to my future sister-in-law, uhm, I mean my brother’s girlfriend’s hometown, which is in Nam Dinh. It had a very… calm and relaxing view. We ate, we prayed and then we drove back to Hai Phong.

At night we hung out with Hoai’s cousins. They took us to different places and we ate… again. Throughout the whole stay, we did one thing the most, and that was eating. It was just doing something, eat, go somewhere, eat, go home, eat… etc eat.

The morning of our last day was spent on Do Son beach. We didn’t actually swim or anything, we just went sight-seeing. We didn’t really get to do much since we had to head for Hanoi at 1:00 pm.

I slept in the same room as Hoai and my brother did at night (obviously different beds). My brother didn’t bring his laptop so he kept using mine, so that was pretty annoying. So I had to use Hoai’s Ipad. But I still preferred the laptop.

One main thing I learnt from this trip is how getting a girlfriend can change someone so much. My brother used to be this very unorganized (he still is, so that hasn’t change) skinny rebel, but now he’s pretty fat and normal! I’m probably just exaggerating, but still, my point is… my brother got a girlfriend???

Written by: Thong Tran

(TT: Mình hỏi sao lại dùng Had Fun, Cu con trả lời: Had Fun có 2 chữ đầu là HỜ PHỜ để cân đối với HỜ PHỜ của chữ Hải Phòng ở sau nghe cho êm tai, tiếng Anh gọi là allitration)






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