TT: GAME of THRONES – hoặc A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE – (Trò chơi vương quyền ) là bộ tiểu thuyết sử thi hùng tráng của nhà biên kịch, nhà văn Mỹ nổi tiếng George R. R. Martin. Câu chuyện xoay quanh cuộc tranh giành quyền lực của bảy lãnh chúa vùng đất Weterlos và Essos, gồm những khu vực do các dòng họ lớn cai trị, trong bối cảnh nhiều thế lực đen tối có sức mạnh siêu nhiên như người Ngoại nhân, quỷ bóng trắng… luôn đe dọa xâm chiếm Weterlos.

Tuy nhiên, nó khác các tiểu thuyết lịch sử Trung Quốc như “Hán – Sở tranh hùng” hay “Tam quốc chí” vốn dựa trên những sự kiện và con người có thật rồi được các tác giả hư cấu thêm…

GAME of THRONES là một câu chuyện viễn tưởng. Tác giả lấy cảm hứng từ lịch sử Châu Âu trung cổ như “Cuộc chiến hoa hồng”, các cuộc Thập tự chinh, “Trăm năm chiến tranh” để viết nên 7 tập sách:

1- A game of Thrones – 704 trang
2- A clash of King – 768 “
3- A Storm of Sword – 992 “
4- A Feast for Crown – 753 “
5- A dance with Dragons- 1056 “
6- The Winds of Winter
7- A dream of the Wind

G. R.R. Martin bắt đầu viết Game of Thrones vào năm 1991, đến tháng 7 năm 2011 thì hoàn thành 5 tập đầu với hơn 4 ngàn trang sách. Tập 6 & 7, tác giả đang viết.

Tí Nhách nhà này đã đọc xong tập 1 có tên A Game of Thrones (hơn 700 trang) và tóm tắt lại chừng 6 – 7 trang để phục vụ các bạn nào biết tiếng Anh mà chưa có điều kiện đọc toàn bộ câu chuyện rất lý thú này của tác giả G. Martin.


Mời các bạn xem phần tóm tắt:

(Summarized by Trần Cảnh Thông)

Before I start Summarizing this book, you, the reader has to understand some things.

What makes this book so hard to summarize is that it’s told from the point-of-view of eight different characters and, well, there’s a lot going on. But, A Game of Thrones can be broken down into three stories:

1. The longest part of this book tells how the noble Stark family deals with conspiracy and court politics in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, with particular emphasis on Eddard Stark, the father and leader of the noble family.

2. A second story follows the exiled princess Daenerys, one of the last descendants from the previous royal family, as she grows up on another continent.

3. A third story follows Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark, as he grows up in the north of Westeros. He is in the special military order called the Night’s Watch, which is dedicated to protecting the civilized Seven Kingdoms from the dangers beyond the Wall.

We’ll start with the first story since it is the main one in this book.

1. Court Politics

Early in the story, Eddard Stark (Ned), as Lord of Winterfell, on behalf of the Seven Kingdoms, must condemn and execute a deserter from the Night’s Watch(a special military order) , with his sons among the witnesses. On the return journey to Winterfell, Eddard’s sons discover six direwolf pups, which are entrusted to Eddard’s five legitimate children and his bastard. This is a coincidence since the symbol of the House Stark is a direwold. Following the death of Lord Jon Arryn, previous “Hand of the King” (the highest advisor to the king), King Robert Baratheon visits Eddard at Winterfell. Because he trusts him as an old friend and as an ally in the previous struggle for the throne, King Robert asks Eddard to become the new Hand of the King. Eddard agrees, against his will, and at the same time promises his wife, Lady Catelyn Stark that he will investigate the death of the previous Hand, Jon Arryn.Lysa Tully, Catelyn’s sister and Lord Arryn’s widow, had suggested in a secret message that Arryn may been murdered…

Before the Starks leave for King’s Landing in the South, Eddard’s young son Bran Stark witnesses Cersei committing incest with her twin brotherJaime Lannister, who pushes Bran from a tower hoping to conceal the secret. Bran survives but enters a coma. During his recovery, an assassin attempts to murder him, only to encounter Catelyn, who has refused to leave his side. Bran’s direwolf then saves his life, as well as Catelyn’s, by killing the assassin. Catelyn takes the assassin’s dagger and brings it to King’s Landing to find out the truth (She thinks it was the Lannisters who tried to kill her son). She travels there without anyone’s knowledge by ship to warn him, leaving the eldest son Robb Stark to rule as the Lord of Winterfell. Not long after Catelyn’s departure Bran awakens from his coma and learns that he had lost the use of his legs and doesn’t remember how he had fallen. He remains at Winterfell along with his older brother Robb and younger brother Rickon.

Meanwhile, Lord Eddard travels toward King’s Landing, the capital, taking with him his daughters Sansa and Arya. Eleven-year-old Sansa is betrothed to King Robert’s twelve-year-old son Joffrey, the heir. Even though Eddard is the King’s Hand, he does everything from A-Z as Robert is a fighter, not a ruler.

(to be continued)


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