Mình nói viết lách rất quan trọng, nên tập viết ngay từ lúc còn nhỏ thì sau này lớn lên quen, không ngại. Con hỏi : viết gì? Mình bảo : viết gì cũng được, miễn là có viết.
This to mum in VN & to Sơn Thái – Hoài Anh in Canada


I personally think that I am very lucky to be in a family with two loving parents and a fantastic older brother. Well, yes, they do sometime get on my nerves but they are family so I still love them. In my eyes, I think that I am a kind, animal-loving person. Academic-wise, I can slack off sometimes but I almost always try to do my best and be top-notch since my brother had raised the bar pretty high.

I was born and raised in Vietnam until the age of 7. My family then moved to Laos for two years, then Canada (work related reasons). I was and still am a very fortunate person, for my parents loved to travel. Due to this lust for traveling, I was able to experience new cultures, exquisite cuisines and the exotic attractions.

I remembered when I first moved to Canada and saw snow for the first time in my life, I became the most hyper-active kid in the world! I am one for new experiences, because I think they are one of the reasons that make life so enjoyable. Canada was where I used English as a language throughout daily life for the first time. Well, I had learned English beforehand but coming to Canada changed everything. I absorbed all the information during school, the children and teachers were so nice, and I was able to practice my English every day. I became so used to it that my English skills soon surpassed my Vietnamese and when my brother and I would want to say something without our parents’ knowledge, that’s right, we spoke in English.

I was very thrilled and excited when my parents said that we going to the USA, France, England and Italy for vacation. I love visiting other countries and knowing about their cultures and the way they live life. Of course, I also love the amazing attractions and most of all the various different cuisine.

England was an exception, as fascinated as I was about the British’s rich history, culture…etc. I was most captivated by none other than the British accent. It just sounds really sophisticated.

I still haven’t had a very clear image of which career path I’m going to take. There are many things that I like but I just can’t seem to find a passion for something. I expected to go to the US so more possibilities would appear before my eyes. I heard that there much more courses to be enrolled in. Right now, perhaps, I would want to have a job that would have something to do with IT, but then again I’m also interested in Chemistry or Physics, even though there are both really hard subjects. I’m interested in so many things but I’m still on a quest to find where my passion lays.

Written by: Thong Tran


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