(By Canh Thong in Laos to mam in VN, SonThai – Hoai Anh in Canada and others)

Night Time In China

After the Great Wall of China, we took a really long ride back to the urban areas of Beijing. We arrived at night. We had dinner, then we headed out to Tienanmien square. It was the only time we were let out at night. The tour guides and teachers gave us two hours of free-roaming.

We were able to go pretty much anywhere, into any shop as long as we met at the rendezvous which was the bus. I obviously travelled in a pack with my friends, Tony, James and Branden. Whilst we were walking, we lost Branden in the midst of the crowd. He wasted 20 minutes of our time, trying to look for him. We didn’t really buy anything there even though there were a whole bunch of stores. We also got to experience the Chinese Ghettos (the small alleyways). After our two hour was up, we were the first to come back to the bus, since it was quite cold at night, we just wanted to be on the warm bus.

Last Day of
My Awesome Adventure!

We didn’t really do much on our last day. We just visited souvenir shops for the kids to buy for their family. We first went to the Pixiu shop, which is just a place where they sell jade lions with varying sizes. The Chinese were said to believe that this creature would bring the good luck and fortune. After that, we went to the silk shop where the students can buy silk products. They were really expensive but they felt very nice. Then we went to the pearl and jade shops to buy pearl and jade jewelry. We also went to the two biggest malls in Beijing but the main purpose was just to let both the teachers and students to relax with each other. The teachers would head off in one direction and the students in the other. We headed back to the hotel early since we had to wake up at 3 a.m. to go to the airport.

Back at the Hotel

We arrived at the hotel at 7pm. The tour guide gave us plenty of time to rest but I’m pretty sure all the students pulled an all nighter. We hung out with James and Tony one last time on the last night of our sweet adventure. At around 10, we were eating noodles and watching a movie together. James and Tony went back to their rooms at 12:00 to prepare and pack. I was also smart enough to pack whilst Branden was being fat and lazy and didn’t do anything. At 2:00 am, Branden fell asleep and I had to stay awake since I know that if I had fallen asleep then, no alarm in the world could wake me up. So I stayed awake and made myself some coffee that the hotel had given us. Then I took a cold shower to try to help me stay awake. At 2:45, I threw cold water on Branden’s and tickled him since nothing else worked to wake him up. He last minute packed all of his things, and everything was all messy. I had to help him pack since it screwed up by procrastinating. But in the end, we still made it to the bus on time, quite early actually. After we waited for everyone to arrive, we head off to the airport. Alas, my adventure has come to an ending./.

The end.

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