I’ve recently been on a field trip to a zoo in Vientiane, Laos. It is quite far away from my school since it takes a 1 hour and 30 minutes drive to get there. The whole of grade 9 went which consisted of 3 classes, about 60 kids.

Once we arrived at the zoo, everyone split into different groups, following different teachers. The zoo seemed very natural and wild since there were lots and lots of trees and also small streams. The zoo is also very big as Laos has a lot of free land so they are able to expand the zoo to make it huge.

We (my friends and I) were very excited when we first explore the zoo. We started by walking towards the different types of deers. The coolest thing was that we were able to feed the deers. All we had to do was buy bananas or cucumbers from the nearby shops and we were able to feed the deers. We would just hold out the banana over the ledge and the deers would jump up trying to get it. It was such a magnificent sight. I’m just going to make this brief since I don’t want to waste your time by telling you all the different kinds of animals there. So, I’m just going to recount the most interesting parts.

After feeding the deers, we just fooled around and gazed at a whole bunch of zoophytes. After a while, we came to the crocodile and alligator area. We were also able to feed them but it wasn’t very exciting since the crocodiles were quite far away.

Then we just strolled around the zoo, chatting with each other and prodding at animals. There were some ostriches which I was very surprise to see. I didn’t think that the zoo would actually contain ostriches. There was also a small picnic area at the zoo where people can just sit down and have a nice meal.

When afternoon hit, we became very tired and exhausted most of our energy. We just sat down in a really nice looking hut next to a pond full of ducks and fish. We also had some snacks (chocolate and chips). It was a really beautiful view.

When it was about time to go leave, we walked back to the entrance. There, we sat and waited for everyone else to come. As we were waiting, we noticed that there was a map for the zoo. We missed a few spots on the zoo but it wasn’t very grave. We awaited for the arrival of our pick-up bus.

Thong C. Tran, Vientiane, Nov. 2012










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