(To Thai Tran Francis in Toronto-Canada, and mum in Vietnam)

Ahhh… the trip to Thailand is just one of the various field trips in my life. But this one was more special than some of the others because it was longer than most of my other field trips. It was a three-day-two-nighter kind of trip.

Obviously, the trip started in the morning. It was 9:00 am when the whole grade 8 loaded up onto the bus. It took half an hour to sort all of the seating and rules out on the bus (which I thought was quite long).

As we arrived at the Lao-Thai border, one of the teacher realised that a student’s passport was expired (that student was one of my good friend, Tony). Lucky for him, his dad was one the higher ups in this department, therefore the guards allowed Tony to pass.

Five o’clock was the time of our arrival at the hotel (which I can’t remember the name of). The students were allowed to go to their rooms to rest and change their clothes. Unfortunately, the rooms were shared amongst two or three students due to the expensive fees. I was first paired up with Branden (my friend) but then Tony, who didn’t seem to have a partner was then pitifully put into my group; ergo my room then shared among three people.

All of us got changed and headed down to the lobby. We waited for the rest of the class to come down for we were heading to Central Plaza (a shopping mall). The boys were then separated from the girls (for reasons such as the girls would shop girly stuff like: purses, dolls… etc (not that I’m being sexist or anything but it’s kinda typical).

Anyways, the first day of the trip was just having fun and getting used to the city. The second day was a bit more academic (notice how I said “a bit”). We went to two different museums. One of them was really big but the other one wasn’t too satisfying. But they had one thing in common; they both talked about dinosaurs, fossils, ancient life on earth and evolution. There’s not a lot of highlights about the two museums, I mean it was cool and all seeing all the dinosaur fossils and watch different simulations but… not a lot of highlights.

Once again, we headed for the Central Plaza, of course at night. Not much really happened in Central Plaza except for the fact that… just messing, not much actually happened there that night. The part when we got back to the hotel was the extreme hilarity of the night. The teachers thought that they could just kick-back and go to a bar (which they did) and left us unsupervised (which was their mistake). So anyways, one of the girls came into our room to give us the Wi-Fi password for the hotel. Then I thought it a funny idea to throw a pillow at her. But I unfortunately missed and hit Tony. Just as Tony was throwing the pillow back at me, I ducked and someone entered the room and was hit by it. In the end, there were 10 people in my room with pillows flying all over the place (it was like a battlefield).

Finally we all got exhausted from all the war-like activity and stopped. Then I went to bed along with everyone. We just woke up, packed, had breakfast, loaded up on the bus and had an unexciting bus ride back to school.

Tran Canh Thong in Vientiane












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